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Gigi And Kendall Bffs Coachella Festival 2017Elsa Frozen Shoes Design GameEllie's First DateBarbies Style StatementMother Fairy Elsa Dress DesignOcean Park MakeoverFashion Studio Office Outfit Design Fashion Studio Wedding Dress Design Modern Elsa Winter FashionAnna Vs Elsa: Fashion Showdown Barbie Get Ready With Me Barbie And Ken Fashion Couple Barbie's Fashion Startup Winter Hair Trends: CrimpBarbie Vintage Fair Around The World Fashion Show - 2 Barbie Lifestyle Photographer Barbie's First Model Book

Play Gigi And Kendall Bffs and help these two celebrity friends find the perfect looks for a very busy day! Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been best friends for a long time now and as supermodels they get to attend a lot of fun events together. Today they have a very busy schedule and they need you to help them get ready. First you will have to apply a gorgeous make-up on each girl. Choose a bold matte lipstick, a great quality brand mascara, pretty eye shadow and a delicate blush. They don’t have time to change the make-up throughout the day, so they will have to pull it off with three different outfits. The first one is for Coachella, so pick up for them some boho chic looks with fringes, suede, flower prints and colorful accessories. Next they will have dinner with friends in New York so choose for them velvet crop tops, midi skirts, girly blazers and cute chockers and finally they will go to a fashion show afterparty where they can wear lace tops, glittery shorts and short dresses with statement jewelry. Have an incredible time playing this fun game named Gigi And Kendall Bffs!

Coachella Festival 2017 is a free online game for girls, who are in love with fashion design and styles.
Control: Use Mouse to play.

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Oh no! Queen Elsa’s shoes were broken before her coronation. Could you help her design a new pair of shoes? Use your talent to use all these colors, patterns and beautiful decorations to make her shoes more cute. have fun!
Control: Use your mouse to play.

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Play this new game called Ellie’s First Date to help this cute college girl get ready for the date with her crush and create her makeup and outfit! Ellie is the new girl at the college and since the first day she had a huge crush on Ryan but she never dared to dream of going with him on a date because he is like the most popular guy in school. But guess what, the feeling is mutual because after sitting a few times next to him at the biology class, Ryan tested her and asked her out. Ellie now needs to get ready and she is so excited that she doesn’t even know what to wear. She should worry no more because you are going to give her a complete makeover. Make her look absolutely breathtaking and start with her makeup and nails. Fallow the latest trends to give her the loveliest makeup and nail art, then it’s time to choose her outfit. Make sure she wears something romantic but casual. Complete her look with cute accessories and style up her hair too. I hope that Ryan is waiting her with flowers. Have a great time playing this lovely Ellie’s First Date game!

Play this cute game named Barbie’s Style Statement and help this fashionista share her style secrets with you! Barbie has a very famous fashion and lifestyle blog and because she loves to live her life in a very chic way, she is glad to help her followers do the same. So what style statement will she do this spring? First she wants to let her personality shine through her workspace. Help her decorate her room by adding a cute wallpaper hearts, polka dots or stars, a fluffy carpet on the floor to match, glam shades at the windows and comfy and cute pillows to make the room look more cozy, a desktop computer or a big window with make-up products on the desk, the perfect chair and complete with shelves, decorations, a flower and a lamp. Finally she wants to showcase some statement t-shirts and dress them up. Choose a t-shirt with a rock band print or just a fun quote and match it with a skirt or a pair of ripped pants, a casual jacket, a lovely handbag, some pretty jewelry and complete her look with a fabulous hairstyle and a pretty make-up. Enjoy playing this amazing game named Barbie’s Style Statement!

There is a Mother’s Day party in the fairyland tonight. Could you help me design a beautiful dress? Choose your favorite dress shape for Elsa. Take her measurement and then use your talent to decorate this beautiful dress with lots of frings, lace accessories and bows. When the dress is ready, help Elsa choose a hairstyle and match this dress with other cute accessories. Have fun!
Control: Use your mouse to play.

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Ocean Park Makeover is a free game for girl to play online. This girl is meeting her friends at a huge ocean park and she wants you to help give her a makeover first.
Control: Use Mouse to play.

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Office outfits are mostly monotonous and dull. So here’s your chance to create a frivolous and stylish office dress for this lovely girl! Be her stylist for one day and create the perfect office outfit. Select 4 garments and choose a nice color and pattern for each item. Then take your fabrics, cut them and sew them up with the sewing machine. In the end she must show your beautiful design to her beloved colleagues!
Control: Use Mouse to play.

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Do you want to design your own wedding dress? Then here’s your chance with our latest fashion studio game. You can design, cut and sew your very own dream wedding dress. Select 4 garments and pick a nice color and pattern for each item. Next take your fabrics, cut them and sew them up with the sewing machine. Then show your beautiful creation on the runway!

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Elsa is looking to be the most beautiful princess this Winter and she wants to have the best clothes. You are the best fashion designer and certainly you help Elsa to be beautiful. Choose what you like more and make her to shine.
Control: Use Mouse to play.

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Play this cute game named Anna Vs Elsa: Fashion Showdown and help the two Frozen sisters compete in a fun fashion game! But let’s start this story from the beginning. It’s Anna’s first year of high school and she has to walk in the footsteps of her older sister Elsa, who was the most popular girl there. Elsa tried to learn Anna everything she knows about fashion, but is the little sister ready to continue the legacy? To test it out, the two girls are having a showdown! Dress up each of them in fabulous outfit! Start with Anna and style her hair with a high ponytail with braids or a short haircut and dress her up with a blue velvet off the shoulder crop top with a flower printed skirt or a white t-shirt and a pair of watermelon shorts and complete the look with a pink leather jacket, a purple handbag and an orchid necklace. Then move on to Elsa and dye her hair pink cut it in a cute bob, dress her up with a black lace blouse and a purple skirt with suspenders or a red dress with polka dots and accessorize with a cool hat. Have a lot of fun!

Play this amazing game named Barbie Get Ready With Me and learn this fashionista’s secrets to a flawless look each day! Barbie has a very popular vlog channel and all her viewers are wondering how does she achieve her gorgeous look so soon after she wakes up. So she has decided to do a Get Ready With Me video and take the fans throughout all the steps. First she refreshes her skin with a gentle cleanser and then she applies foundation for a perfect skin. She uses a pencil to define her eyebrows, a dark eye shadow for smoky eyes, mascara for long lashes, a blush for her cheeks and she finishes with a glossy lipstick. Her hair is a bit too messy, so she needs to use a straightening iron to make it look fab. Now she can move on to her favorite part of the morning where she can style her hair with curls or a braided bun and she can dress up with a white lace top, a casual t-shirt, a blue tulle skirt, a pair of jeans or a fun colorful dress. For accessories she picks jewelry, sunglasses and a hat. Have a lot of fun playing Barbie Get Ready With Me!

Play Barbie And Ken Fashion Couple and help these two trendsetters get the perfect outfits for a magazine cover! Barbie and Ken are very known for their personal style, which is always flawless. And don’t they look absolutely stunning together? Every fashion magazine wants them on the cover and today there is a lucky one that has signed the contract. All you have to do is dress them up in lovely outfits that will draw attention on the magazine rack. Start with Barbie and style her hair in a braided bun, a ponytail or some glam curls, then mix and match a lovely shirt or a turtleneck sweater with a pencil skirt, a tulle one or a pair of fabulous pants. Because it is cold, you will also have to choose a long trench coat or a faux fur vest, then accessorize her look with high heels, a pink scarf, sunglasses, a chic handbag and a pretty hat. Then move on to Ken, who can wear an elegant suit or a casual outfit with a bit of a hipster touch. Just make sure they look great together! Then take their photo for the cover. Have an amazing time playing Barbie And Ken Fashion Couple!

Help turn Barbie’s Fashion Startup into a successful business by creating her brand and putting on a spectacular first show! Barbie has always been in love with fashion and she has decided to start her own company where she will design and produce amazing clothes. Because her company is a startup, she has to present it to some investors and convince them to support the company in its beginnings. For this she will have to create a brand and prepare a runway show as a sample of her designs. So help her out! First you can design her brand. Choose a witty name and add a photo of a hanger and two needles, a sewing machine or a mannequin to complete the logo. Then help her create three different looks for the runway show. Style her hair differently for each look and pick one of the gorgeous dresses she has or mix and match amazing tops and bottoms. Her clothes are ruffled, asymmetric with a lot of glitter and luxurious fabrics. Accessorize them with precious jewelry and a fur piece around her shoulders. Hopefully the show will be successful and Barbie will receive the investment she needs. Good luck playing Barbie’s Fashion Startup!

Play Winter Hair Trends: Crimp and discover a new hairdo that will look amazing in the cold weather! Crimp hair is a trend that comes back in style from time to time and this winter is back on! But now you can even have more fun than usual, because it’s ok to try out the wildest colors! What a combo! So help Barbie to get a new hairstyle and experiment with this fun new look! Decide on one of three different hairdos, a long braid, something simple or some cool braided bangs and a lot of volume in the back. Then follow the steps using the crimper iron, a brush, bobby pins or hair bands to recreate the look. Then it is time to dye the hair. You have a wide variety of options to choose from! You can go with nice natural colors like blonde or brown, you can pick a fun wild color, like hot pink or green or you can choose to create ombre effects or make rainbow combinations. Then finally you can dress Barbie up in a winter to match her new style. Pick something fun and wintery and add snowflake inspired accessories to her hair. Have a lot of fun playing Winter Hair Trends: Crimp!

Play this amazing game named Barbie Vintage Fair and help this fashionista update her wardrobe by shopping some statement pieces! The Vintage Fair takes place annually and Barbie is very excited that this year’s edition is coming up! She has put aside some money for a long time and now she has a nice budget to work with. So use it wisely and pick up some dresses from your favorite decades, some full high waist skirts with polka dots and rose prints, cute tops with bows and some accessories like a pearl necklace, a nice brooche, a hat, a pair of gloves or some glasses. After purchasing the best items, Barbie can mix and match them with her modern clothes in her closet. So join her in the dressing where you can create some marvelous outfits. Match her new girly tops with ripped jeans or plain skirts, choose cool t-shirts for her retro skirts, complete any outfit with a black leather jacket or a fur vest and mix and match the new and old accessories. If you had fun you can play this game again and try other looks by shopping for new items at the fair. Have an incredible time!

Play this fun game named Around The World Fashion Show – 2 and style four fashionable looks to represent different parts of the world! We have already been to Europe, Africa, India and Asia and now it is time to see what’s the fashion all about in Russia, Australia, Alaska and South America. In each region you can choose your model’s skin color, eyes and lipstick, style their hair, dress them up and accessorize. In Russia you will find many blonde girls with the most interesting braids, long gowns because the weather is cold, with delicate prints or military inspired, floral shawls and fancy headwear. Girls in Australia will wear beach waves, colorful clothes inspired by Natives with Asian influences and a lot of beaded accessories. In Alaska the clothes have to be very warm and have a lot of fur or reindeer prints, the model will also need a hat and a scarf around her neck. Finally, in South America we are looking at a lot of volume in both clothes and accessories and very loud colors. After you have chosen all the outfits, take photos of your models on the runway. Have a wonderful time playing this amazing game!

CLICK HERE TO PLAY “Around The World Fashion Show – 2”

Play Barbie Lifestyle Photographer and help her make some lovely posts with photos for her blog featuring some every day decorations! Barbie’s lifestyle blog has taken off lately, but she needs to keep it updated constantly, so she has decided to get inspired by Pinterest for three different posts. Photos are her specialty, so help her decorate according to the theme she desires and then take each picture carefully. The first photoshoot will feature a room decoration. For the themes, Barbie has to decide between pastel colors, boho chic or minimal and practical. Choose the right couch, rug, pillows, mirror, lights and decorations for this attic living room. Next she will focus on the breakfast table and she wants to get inspired either by healthy and vegan, by sweet and colorful or by a quick breakfast that she could eat before work. She has to choose the right food, drinks, some plants or flowers and something to read. Finally, there is no lifestyle blog without an outfit of the day. Her theme could be a cocktail party, a casual summer day look or a romantic outfit for the first date. Pick tops, bottoms, shoes, a handbag and an accessory. Enjoy playing this fun game!

CLICK HERE TO PLAY “Barbie Lifestyle Photographer”

Help create Barbie’s First Model Book by helping her get the perfect looks and taking the right photos for her portfolio! Barbie has been an aspiring model for a short while when One Model Agency has contacted her to ask her into one of their shows. But first she had to send them her model book. This is a wonderful opportunity for her, so help Barbie prepare it! Start with the make-up and create a few different looks. You have luscious lipsticks, pretty mascaras, colorful eye shadows, interesting eye liners and feminine blushes that you can mix and match to create new looks. Then take photos of them before moving on. Style her hair with pastel ombre at the tips, dress her up with trendy tops and bottoms or choose a fabulous gown, accessorize with shoes, fashionable clutches, lovely jewelry and a hat or a flower tiara. Take photos of the outfits too and then select between all the photos you have taken five you like the most. Then decide on the layout so you can display all of them in one page of the album and finally add some sticker to really personalize it. Will Barbie be included in the fashion show? Good luck playing Barbie’s First Model Book!

CLICK HERE TO PLAY “Barbies First Model Book”

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